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5 Essential Mindsets

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Your mindsets are how you look at things, your assumptions and beliefs that influence you to adopt or accept certain behaviors, choices, or tools. 

Is it possible to have more than one mindset?

Why yes, it is!  

You can have more than one mindset, but some outlooks contradict the other; for example, you can have a fixed or a growth mindset, but one typically would not have the other. Read more on the growth vs. fixed mindsets here.

With the right mindsets, you foster growth, positivity, abundance while staying curious with gratitude. All of these things culminate in – you living your best life.  

5 Essential Mindsets for
Thinking and Being Your Best:


A growth mindset gives you the power to control your life changes. With a growth mentality, you understand that you can learn and better yourself; thus, you take control of life’s inevitable change and evolve with power and purpose. Read more on Growth Mindsets here in The Right Mindsets.


A positive mindset is not a focus on the bright side, but the it’s going to be all right side. With a positive mentality and find a way out as opposed to focusing on the way down. For more on the benefits and tactics to maintain a positive mindset, read 7 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset.


A person with an abundance mindset assumes that there is always more. When you know there is more; you look for more. So you will create opportunities and uncover more resources.

When you operate with an abundant mindset, you also are more open to what others bring to the table. Rather than grappling over yours vs. mine, you understand that there is enough for yours and mine.

On the other hand, when you operate from a scarcity mentality, you are more apt to compete unnecessarily. With a scarcity mindset you ultimately, waste the resources you already have competing for what belongs to someone.

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Adopting an abundance mindset means you can also spend more time getting yours instead of worrying about what others have.


A curious mindset is a key to innovation, variety, and connection. Curiosity is looking for new information and experiences; it pushes life questions into life actions. 

Exploration happens thanks to a curious mindset. And when we are exploring, our minds are active-actively rewiring. A curious outlook is critical to the 5 Essential Mindsets because it reinforces other beneficial mind frames. Through curiosity: 

You learn more and affirm your growth mentality.

As you explore, you uncover additional opportunities.  When you connect, you understand different opinions- in doing so you support your abundance mindset.  

Stay curious and continue exercising your mental muscles to maintain a strong mind.  


Finally, with a grateful mindset, you look at and learn to appreciate all things in life, leading to 

Stronger connections: You honor your relationships and don’t take others for granted.

Character Development: Reinforces the positive mindset.  

Mindfulness – With gratitude, you tend to stay in the moment, appreciating what you have when you have it.  

Ways to practice gratitude.

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