4 Steps to Decisive

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Decisiveness is not a gift; it is learned and habitual. When we grow based on purpose-driven choices, we achieve life’s abundance and joy.

Discernment is a component of life productivity.

Indecisiveness is often the result of an undefined purpose. We grapple because we don’t have a sense of what we need. We stumble because we lack the insight to align our goals to life’s options. When life presents you with choices, apply each option to your needs, wants, and purpose. Align yourSELF with your possibilities to reach your goals

Download Mavens 101 decision tree. It takes 4-steps to decisiveness at a high level. For more in-depth practice on this or any other tactics, reach out to me directly for a coaching session. For now, I leave you this guide you in transforming your life with decisiveness.

Make decisions with the honor and skill that they deserve and require.

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