3 Life Skills for Work and Life Balance

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Work-life balance is possible. We can all remember these three skills then practice them to make our careers and life work for us-in tandem. We can prioritize and manage the expectations of others and ourselves. Know that you can’t be all things to all people, then plan, communicate, and act accordingly. Below are some coping skills to change your work/life balance for the better.

Prioritize and Communicate

3 Life Skills for Women

Create a prioritized schedule.
Prioritize the tasks on your schedule. Be prepared to augment and change based on life’s ebb and flow. Create your program, then invite others to get with the program. Share your plan, set boundaries, and manage expectations. It is necessary to clearly communicate both at work and at home what you can take on. If everyone is on the same page, everyone can follow the same script.

Remember Yourself

3 Life skills for work and life balance

YOU are the most important. 

When you create that schedule, as mentioned above, make sure you are scheduling a self care—plan based on your body’s natural rhythm. Work when you are at your best, schedule self-care, snacks, and meals for when you are typically in need of rejuvenation.   

Remember, you can’t hold anything together if you are falling apart. 


Assemble Your Squad

For those who do not live alone, make sure you and your family respect one another’s work and champion one another’s respite. That means the kids, spouse, or roommates don’t bother you when you are on a call, flowing creatively, or having a moment of zen.

For work, find your workforce allies. Cultivate a group of like-minded go-getters who all believe that you work better when you are at your best. These colleagues should be as committed to projects as you are and understand that work should not intrude but enhance our lives.

Use the three skills (outlined above) and manifest a life fulfilled with your priorities that grows according to your purpose.

Do you have a healthy work/life balance?

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