12 Months of Self-Awareness

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Self-awareness is “an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality.” But how do we gain self-awareness? How do we own and honor our own purpose? First, we check in with ourselves to maintain the resulting clarity and connection to our self. Get the tools here. Visit 12 Months of Self-Awareness where Mavens 101 Founder and Robbins Madanes trained coach, Geneen Wright, shares a new exercise designed to promote self-awareness.


March Self-Awareness Exercise

This month’s self-awareness exercise is to identify your purpose. What drives you?  What fulfills you? Okay, first step,  What does it mean to have life purpose? It is the deeper meaning for why you are – here, there, or whenever.  For example, when go to the grocery store, you are not there to merely grocery shop, but you are there to get that particular cheese, specific pasta, or those perfect tomatoes; you are there with specific intent and needs. Similarly, you are not here just to live, but to live with intent and passion. That’s your life purpose.


Ok.  Are you ready?  Let’s get that cheese.  Take a deep breath. Think about times in your life that you have felt most fulfilled when you felt unique or needed.  If you can’t pinpoint from your past, you have some homework to do this week. Take some notes on your emotions as you go through your daily activities. Can you zero in on moments/activities/and or memories that sparked joy and filled you with self-adulation?   You have now taken the first step to identify what makes you thrive or your purpose.  


For me, I realized one of my life purposes after my brother passed away.  I questioned who I was if I was not caring for him. To be me, I needed to serve others actively.  With “caretaker” now proudly part of my self-identity I moved through the cycle of grief while giving and doing for others.  

And I continue to activate my caretaker purpose as not only MOTHER, but friend, volunteer, and neighbor.  


Now, one life does NOT equal one purpose.  We all have many whys. Let’s answer the whats to get to the whys. 


I get up every morning excited to hear birds and see the sunrise.  I look forward to drinking my morning cup of coffee, listening to a seminar, and seeing two cute little faces. I smile, knowing I am about to crush my day. 


What gets you up in the morning?

What do you most look forward to?

What fills you with pride?

What makes you smile?

What makes you go the extra mile?

What makes you thrive?


I thrive in nature, knowledge, care-giving, and running things. 


I am a nature lover, a scholar, a teacher, a nurturer, and a boss.


Zero-in on your many passions and pride evoking activities, list them, and live them.  


February Self-Awareness Exercise

Make Self-Love a Priority This Month and Beyond

Get in touch with your subconscious by thinking of all the positive adjectives about YOU. What do you do well? What are your strengths? What makes you uniquely you?



Now immediately, write down these positive attributes about yourself. Read these positive self descriptors out loud pausing, after each, to feel your emotions. Finally, acknowledge the sense of fulfillment as you read each thing that makes you amazingly you.



Repeat this self-awareness exercise regularly. Be sure to add to your list as you own and/or discover new loves about you. Stay focus on your good by recognizing your inner beauty. Continue to fall in love with yourself, and as your self-esteem flourishes, your life will continue to blossom.

If you don't Love yourself, you can't truly love ANYONE else.

February Self Awareness Infographic

January Self-Awareness Exercise

It is January, so of course, goals and plans are top of mind. Additionally, being the end of a decade, a lot of you may be taking a look back over the last ten years or more.

So it makes sense that a lot of minds start to harp on missed targets and goals. Are you stuck in a “would have, should have, could have” phase? Are you questioning what went wrong and perhaps thinking about how to tackle those goals moving forward? If yes, it is time to self-audit from a place of honesty and clarity. This audit will help order your steps and move forward. You may choose to go towards those things yet to be accomplished or refine and reestablish new goals. Here is a simple self-awareness exercise to get to the core root situation: 

January Self Awareness Infographic

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