12 Days of Self-Development

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Take the next 12 days to enrich you inner self. It's time for 12 days of self-care, self-awareness, self-development.

Why is self-development important? Because without it, you become a vessel that carries other’s opinions, thoughts, character traits, and beliefs.  You are simply a sponge soaking up what goes on around you, but what happens to the sponge when it is full? Well, it either sits festering or is wrung out to be filled again and again. It serves a purpose, but not for itself. Who wants to be a sponge when you could be yourself? A Maven of Self!  

On the other hand, when you practice self-development, you blossom. You are a flower taking in the sun and water to grow and bloom. You take in all the information, experiences, and ideas to actualize self-knowledge. You then synthesize it all using self-awareness, culminating in your growth and continuing with your knowledge flourishing.

Be the flower 🌸

Mavens 101 provides the seed, sun, and water with 12 days of Self-Development.  Are you ready?

Sow and Nurture your need for growth, contribution, variety, significance, connection, and stability with this 12-day plan. Check-in daily as we complete the journey together!  



Give Image

Get yourself together by giving of yourself.

Today is the day to give, and it is the first step in 12 Days of Self-development. There is no better way to bolster oneself than lift others; thus, I can think of no better way of starting the 12-Day Self-enrichment plan.

Ideas for giving today and continuing the habit of contributing:

Give Your Love – Hug your friends and family at home. And don’t be deterred by quarantine; reach out and tell your loved ones near and afar that you love them. Send emails or text compliments to friends and family. Post about someone who inspires you. Like and compliments your friends on their posts.  

Give Your Time – Lend a helping hand. Offer to go to the store or rake your neighbor’s leaves etc. Have a specific skill set? Think about ways to give your time, skills, and expertise. Some orgs. to consider:


SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals. Since 1964, we have provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs.

Virtual Tutoring

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

By volunteering here, you’ll have the opportunity to build healthy relationships with young people eager for adult guidance. 

Give Your Money – If you have to have it, share it. Find a charity in line with your purpose and passions, then give and support.  


Let It Go

For day 2 in our self-development journey, we will pick one thing that has been vexing, running through our mind, you know, that one thing you just have not been able to let go of. Today is the day to do just that. Let-It-Go.

Okay, before we go into how I want to give you one main reason, it is essential to let go of that which does not serve you. It is nine times out of 10 that whatever you are holding on to harms you, not helps you. Either stressing you out or holding you back. Stress affects our body by causing many long-term adverse effects on our immune, digestive, cardiovascular-I mean stress will jack you! So, let – it – go!

Try one or all three of these tactics to free yourself of whatever is holding you back mentally or emotionally.    

Get It Out - To Let It Go

Express your emotions with the intent to release, not with the expectation to resolve. The point is to acknowledge your feelings and use your voice. Get it out there! Cry if you need to, scream if you must, run it, or walk it off. Release your anger and frustration before it entangles you.

Don't try to understand them - Understand that you can't change them.

When someone hurts you, it is natural to want an explanation or an apology, especially when we love the offender. Here is the thing, don’t give anyone else the power over your emotions and being. You have to accept that you can’t control anyone else or their behavior, but you can control how you deal with and what you take away from the interaction. The question becomes, do you choose the poison or the positivity?

Don't Fester. Nurture.

When you can’t let something go, you find that it is consuming. I mean, it has been days, and you keep coming back to it. Forgive yourself for harping and start to heal. Bolster your self-worth and go through this mind and soul healing ritual:

Light a Candle

Get it a comfy position 

Take a deep breath; hold that breath for three seconds.  As you slowly exhale imagine that you are releasing the toxicity you’ve been holding.  Continue this breathing for 5-10 minutes or until you feel lighter and less tense.  


Repeat these affirmations:

  • I am worth more than this.
  • I will not allow anyone or anything to control my emotions, mood, or behavior.
  • I will let go of any need to control others.
  • I release this feeling, it no longer serves me.

Finally, envision that which vexes you. Imagine it is a dandelion.  Blow it into the wind and see and feel as the wind carries it far away from you.  

Now get up, take a shower and wash it away. It is time to let – it – go. Onward and upward!


12 Days of Self-Development

Day 3 in the Mavens 101 Personal Development Series; is to Challenge Fear. Pick a fear of yours and process it.

I processed a fear a couple of nights ago while on an outing with my kids. They are growing up, as the babies do, but this past year some instances have caught me off guard and, in some cases, brought me to tears.

For example, they asked me to sell their dolls/accessories and split the proceeds 70/30 (guess in whom’s favor), and most recently, they scoffed at the idea of walking a holiday light display. “Why? We have lights.” My oldest questioned.

I insisted; we went.

It was during this walk through the lights that my light bulb went off. I am not afraid of them growing up. I am worried that their growth is outpacing my ability to adjust. And that through that misaligned timing is a door to distance.

So, I:

  • Acknowledged – I put my fear into words and allowed myself to feel the emotions that fear produced.
  • Sought perspective – What’s the worst that could happen? And how likely is that worst thing to happen?
  • Bolstered Courage – I don’t avoid. I deal with fears as they come up by reminding myself that it is okay to be scared, then asking myself, what are you going to about it?
  • Repeat and remember – practice is progress.

I netted out that the fear is okay; it is natural. But I resound, never to act on my anxiety in a manner to stunt my daughters’ growth. I have to allow my joy and pride to counteract my fear.

Fear is awareness but fears irrationally acted on are an impediment.

What Fear Will You Challenge?


Find Your New

Let’s map out how you will find something new.

  1. Purpose – ex. I want to get myself and my kids out of the house in a covid safe way.  
  2. What do you want to get from your something new? ex. I want to feed my creativity, my need to learn and discover without overexerting myself or messing up my hair.  
  3. What resources and locations are available to you? 

Okay, so you will develop your “new hobby” by aligning your purpose with your passion and assessing what is available to you from your natural surroundings. Come up with a list, pick what gets you most excited, and you now have something fun to look forward to this weekend!  


Download the Goal-Getter Journaling Exercise which I created to outline goals, intent, steps, and potential obstacles.  This sheet will activate forethought and insights as you work toward your goals. The download free content for the next 7 days, so click the link in bio and get your goal on!

A time to pause, rest, and meditate

Become a Self-maven. Get access to the full 12 days in advance by becoming a member of the Mavens 101 Life Kit.


Take a Mindful Walk

Day 6 on our Self Development Journey is a day for rest Walk with an awareness of self and your surroundings. Walk, notice your breathing, your steps, the trees, sounds, and colors. Don’t allow your mind to wander back or ahead of you. There is no agenda, to your walk other than to honor your perfect presence.  

Mindful Walk


Explore A Weakness

It is time to dig deep, contemplate, and reconcile a self-weakness. To grow, we must confront those things about us that don’t serve our purpose, goals, and life plans. Therefore, for day 7 of our Self-development journey, let’s explore a weakness. So how does one do this?

Go back to day 4. Take the goal you outlined for yourself. Did you identify obstacles that may hinder your win? Think about your habits that may become a roadblock on your journey. This block is a weakness. Change it. Explore triggers, thoughts, and make a plan to turn that weakness into a strength. Download the Mavens 101 change tracker tool, which will help you develop power where there was once flaw.

Share your Progress! #Mavens12days


Commit to Change

The previous step was to explore your weakness. Step 8 is to commit to the change necessary to develop. After all, self-development is to change for the better. So let’s say you identify an inability to control your emotion; let’s say anger. Now that you’ve started tracking this behavior, noting triggers, effects, etc., you commit to change by creating an action plan to correct the behavior. So what might that action plan be? Well, it depends on how your anger manifest. In general, you channel that negative emotion into something positive. Your action plan could include placing your passionate response toward something productive that will release tension. Then circling back to address whatever made you angry when you can do so in a constructive manner-leveled, balanced, and zen. So commit to change by putting your actions behind your intent to do better and be better.


Read Something New

Did You know?
Reading for pleasure is associated with higher self-esteem and can make you more adept at dealing with life obstacles. In addition to a plethora of cognitive and intellectual benefits, reading is also associated with better sleep patterns and can increase your life satisfaction by 30 minutes a week.

Day 9 on our self-development journey is to read a book. Discover a new genre or author, get lost in someone else’s story, travel into words, and change your mindset with beautiful words. By reading, you are expanding your brain’s ability to connect with the world around you.




Virtual Audit

it is time to review your feeds. Do you see what and who you want to see? Does your feed lift you or bring you down? I am not saying delete your friend who is having a bad day. You should probably reach out. I am saying delete those people who consistently suck the life and light out of you, who bring nothing of substance and 0 flavors to your table.

Everything and every one serves a purpose, and if that purpose is not wrapped in positivity, it’s gotta go.

Day 10. Complete that virtual audit and filter your feed to happiness.



It is time to meditate your mind to rejuvenate and refresh our body and soul.



You have now completed 11 days of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-esteem building. Yes, you did all that by taking simple steps to check in with yourself- mindfully and actively!

It’s time to reflect on your last 11 days. What is the biggest thing you learned about yourself? How can you use your new found self-knowledge to enhance your life?  

Reward Yourself! Your Done 💪🏾
12 Days of Development

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