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I was that chick that held on to am talk radio as long as I could. So it makes sense that podcast have become my companions as I work from home, commute, fold laundry, work out, or cook dinner. Below I share with you 10 podcast that you should listen to right now! Note some of these podcast are not for younger ears.  

Over My Dead Body

Over My Dead Body podcast Artwork
pc: Wondery

About: Season 1 explores a seemingly “perfect marriage” and the repercussions of  divorce.  Season 2 is about a man who loves his husbands and his animals, and is on a mission to resurrect sabre-tooth tigers by breeding tigers and lions together. His feud with a cat rescuer gets messy, vicious, and pushes them both to their limits. 

Why You Should Listen: Because Over My Dead Body is solid investigative journalism told in a compelling manner with interviews that delve into -Season 1: the relationship of exes and those also involved -overly involved in some cases.  Season 2: How individuals can push one another to their limits.  

The Daily

The Daily Podcast Artwork
pc: NY Times

About:  Host, Micheal Barbaro, interviews reporters to get an in-depth analysis of their current stories. The Daily shows that there is more to the story than what is written in the paper or magazine.  The Daily Podcast is ready each weekday by 6 a.m. EST

Why You Should Listen: Because this 20 minute podcast breaks the current news down by telling you what’s up and why it matters. 

Shrink Next Door

The Shrink Next Door Artwork
pc: Wondery

About: In The Shrink Next Door, journalist Joe Nocera  narrates the story of a therapist who took over his patients life, home, and business.

Why You Should Listen: Because you just asked yourself “how did that happen!” 

Room 20

Room 20 Artwork
pc: LA Times

About: On the surface Room 20 is about a reporter, Joanne Faryon,  helping to identify “Sixty-Sixty Garage” a patient who lay in a vegetative state for 15 years.  

Why You Should Listen: Because Room 20 reveals the humanity in most and sheds light on the ongoing system within the reality of illegal boarder crossings.  

WTF With Marc Maron

pc: Stitcher

About: Comedian Marc Maron Interviews the who’s who of  Hollywood-from various locations (hotels rooms, offices, prior to March 2018 his garage).  

Why You Should Listen: It’s interesting how his interviews turn into almost confessional like vehicles for his celebrity guests.  

Revisionist History

Top Podcast
pc: Pushkin Industries

About: a podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Pushkin Industries. Each week for 10 weeks, Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.

Why You Should Listen: Because it sheds light on the way we think by dismantling the way we record events.  There is hope for history in the future.  

The Queen

The Queen Podcast
pc: Slate Magazine

About:  Host Josh Levin, unravels the myth of the welfare queen by illuminating Linda Taylor’s identity and explaining how her crimes were reported by the media and used by Ronald Regan to pander and stoke fear of an out of control welfare state. 

Why You Should Listen:  To hear a demonstration on how black women have been unfairly portrayed by the media. Also, how when stereotypes are created, we actually miss the bigger point and bigger crimes-by the offender and those who report on her.


1619 Podcast
pc: The New York Times

About: Host Nikole Hannah-Jones takes us on a journey. Four hundred years ago, in August 1619, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in the British colony of Virginia. The 1619 Podcast tells the reality of Slavery in America and the legacy on not just slavery’s descendants (of which I am one) but of the US as a whole.  

Why You Should Listen: Because we can’t keep looking away. In owning our history and reforging our story we can understand the pervasive affects on our society, culture, and politics.  

The Motherhood Sessions

pc: Gimlet

About: We get to hear the conversations between Dr. Alexandra Sacks (a renowned reproductive psychiatrist) and mothers.  

Why You Should Listen: In just one session you will feel reassured that you are not alone in motherhood. You will get some help, love and understanding through each episode. 

Safe For Work

Safe for work podcast
pc: Wondery

About: Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano give advice on everything from how to avoid burnout on the job to how to fake an illness when you’re calling in sick. They also talk to experts about office situ such as: negotiating raises, knowing when it’s time to move on…or dealing with that annoying office mate with no boundaries.

Why You Should Listen: Because we have all been there or may be there right now as you are reading this.  Listen to the Podcast for coaching on how to cope at work. 

For MavenMomma’s check out my article, How a Working Momma Copes on tips for moms coping with career/life juggle.   

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